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Cold starters

Karst Ham with Olives  
Homemade cold Meat Selection »Bled«  
Beef Carpaccio on marinated Rocket with Balsam Vinegar  
Trout Fillet in Onion Marinade  
Composition of Mozzarella and Tomato with Black Olive Tapenada  


Beef Soup with Homemade Noodles  
Mushroom »Granny« Soup with Ceps  
Vegetable Soup"Rikli"  

Warm Starters

Spaghetti on Delightful Combinations...
...with Tomato Sauce and Basil  
...on Bolognese Style  
Noodles on Gourmet's Style...  
...with Mushrooms Sauce  
...with Salmon and Asparagus  
Attractive variety of al dente Rrisotto...  
...on Dalmatian Style ( Squids, Shrimps, Leek, Tomato, Rocket )
...with Chicken Fillet, Paprika and Cherry Tomatoes  
Homemade Gnoochi...  
...in Creamy 4 Cheese Selection Sauce  
..on Istrian Style (Karst Ham, Pumpkins, Tartufatocream)  
Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables with Rocket and Roasted Young Cheese  
Mixed Grilled Mushrooms with Rocket and Garlic  

Fish Dishes

Trout on Bled Style with  Butter Potatoes  
Salmon Fillet with Herbal Sauce and Roasted Polenta  
Grilled Squids  with Potatoes and Mangold  
Fried Squids with Tartar Sauce  
Fresh Grilled Gilthead with Mangold and Potatoes  

Main Dishes

Pork Escalope on Request
(Grilled…, …in Natural Sauce, …on Wiener Style)
Chicken Fillet with Ceps  
Chicken Fillet with Cheese in Cream Sauce  
Roastbeef with Onion on Country Style with Bread Dumpling  
Roastbeef on »Pokljuka« Style with Cheese Dumpling  
Pork Fillet  with Tartufata Sauce and Roasted Polenta  
Beefsteak. in »Refošk« Wine Sauce with Green Pepper and Bread Dumpling  
Beefsteak in Mushroom Sauce with Cranberries and Cheese Dumpling  
Zaka Plate (Grilled Skewered Meat with Vegetables, Pommes Frites)  
Balkan Plate (Grilled Mixed Meat with Vegetable Rice, Aivar and Mustard)  
Cevapcici with Pommes Frites, Aivar and Mustard  
"Camping Bled" platter (for two persons)  

Side Dishes

Side Dish on request (Butter Potatoe,  Fried or Saute potatoes,
Stewed Rice with vegetables, Roasted Polenta, Bread Dumpling )
Cheese Dumplings  
Boiled Seasonal Vegetables  
  Extra's (Butter, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard, Aivar)  

Salad Plates and Salads

Salad Plate »Zaka« (Lettuce, Rocket, Tomato, Paprika,
Grilled Chicken Breast Slices, Young Bohinj Cheese)
Salad Plate »Bled« (Lettuce, Rocket, Tomato, Paprika,
Smoked Trout Fillet, Young Bohinj Cheese)
Mediterranean Salad Plate (Lettuce, Rocket, Tomato,
Paprika, Tuna, Shrimps, Pinenuts, Onion)
Salad Plate »Pokljuka« (Lettuce, Rocket, Cherry Tomato,
 Mixed grilled Mushrooms, Parmesan)
Salad Plate on Greece Style (Green Salad, Tomato, Cucumber,
Onion, Fetta Cheese, Olive, Basil)
Season Salad Small  
Season Salad Big  


Home Made Cheese Selection (15dag)  


Apple Crostata  
Vanilla Charlotte with Strawbeery Sauce  
Chocolate Mousse with Baileys, Fresh Fruit and Cream  
Sweet Tris »Harmony«  
Pancakes with Marmelade or Chocolate  
Fruit Cup with Ice cream and Cream